Value Advisory

Value Advisory is the process of providing expert guidance to companies on how to maximize the value of their operations. This includes optimizing operational processes, increasing efficiency, and reducing costs.

Our goal is to help companies improve their bottom line, increase their competitiveness, and reach their full potential. We believe that a thorough understanding of a client’s processes and expert guidance on how to optimize its value, leaders can make informed decisions to achieve their desired outcomes.

Some of the ways clients can benefit from value advisory include:

  • Improved efficiency: We assist clients streamline their operations and reduce waste, leading to increased efficiency and lower costs.
  • Enhanced competitiveness: By optimizing operations, clients improve their competitiveness and gain a competitive advantage in their respective markets.
  • Improved decision-making: We provide expert guidance to clients, helping them make informed decisions to achieve their desired outcomes.
  • Greater innovation: By taking a fresh look at operations and identifying new opportunities, we help clients drive innovation and growth.

A recent case study:

Streamlining Operations for a Contact Manufacturing Cosmetics Company

Overview: A mid-sized manufacturing company was facing challenges with supply chain challenges, inefficient operations resulting in increased costs and time to market. The company engaged Convex12 Consulting to help streamline their operations and improve efficiency.

Challenges: The manufacturing company had a number of manual processes that were slowing down production and increasing wait times. The company also lacked clear visibility into their unit costs making it difficult to make informed decisions.

Value Advisory Solutions: We conducted a thorough analysis of the client’s operations, including a review of their processes, systems, and organizational structure. Based on the findings, we recommended tactical initiatives for process improvement and automation, relationships with additional contract vendors and focus on the top performing SKUs. We also recommended a long term strategic solution for an automated end-to-end system and improved visibility.

Outcomes: The implementation of the process improvements resulted in significant improvements in cycle times and product ingredient options. Costs were reduced, production was streamlined, and the company’s competitiveness was improved. The client was also able to make more informed decisions, allowing them to respond to market changes more effectively.

Conclusion: The value advisory engagement helped the manufacturing client achieve its goals of reducing costs, improving efficiency, and enhancing competitiveness. The company was able to realize significant improvements in a short period of time.